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Slate Feature Stones - Large

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Beautiful pieces of slate straight from the quarry, our Slate Feature Stones are large pieces of beautiful rock. Some are cut and some are natural, and they are fantastic as a feature stone in the centre of gravelled areas or garden rockeries.

Feature stone sizes and colour

Feature stones are available in stunning grey shades. This stone displays streaks of gold within the stylish grey and darkens when wet to a stylish, darkened appearance.

The large feature pieces come in all shapes and sizes and weigh between 150-350kgs for the larger size. 

Take care when handling these big pieces as they can weigh up to half a tonne and can have sharp edges which need care when handling. All sizes are very heavy and would require some form of mechanical lifting to move into place. You’ll need space to manoeuvre this into your garden or landscape without damaging nearby flowerbeds or paths. Please note, we only deliver to the kerbside on a pallet.

Feature stones and water

Feature stones are often angular and irregular in shape, with plenty of edges, perfect for making a complimentary statement in a water feature or to create an unusual talking point. 

They can be used in water features to give both height and dimension. 

Spread Slate Paddlestones around the base of any feature stone for a great effect that looks fantastic when used with water too.

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Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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