Resin Samples

Here at Decorative Aggregates, we strive to ensure we always have happy customers. That’s why we provide small and large sample bags of your chosen aggregates, ensuring you’re happy with your choice before making a purchase. 

Order resin bonded & resin bound aggregate samples

Not sure what you need for your resin project? You can request resin bonded samples before placing a large order. 

The materials shown are derived from naturally sourced minerals, so variations in colour may occur. Therefore, the photographs featured on this website should only be used as a guide. 

Resin bound samples are available by clicking the links below. They are available in small (£1) and large (£5) - the prices are inclusive of VAT and p&p.

Small Sample - A small spoonful of approximately 40 grams for viewing shape and colour. Due to the limited amount of aggregate, sizes may vary.

Large Sample - Approximately 1kg bag to show size, shape and colour of the product. You’ll receive enough to lay out in a 300mm x 300mm square.

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