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Rock Salt & Sandbags

Our winter products consist of everything you'll need to get you through the winter ice and snow. You can buy 100% pure rock salt for clearing paths, drives and roads of ice and snow, available in poly bags or bulk bags.

Sand bags are available ready filled or bulk bags of sand with the empty bags needed for self-filling. If you have your own sand then just buy the empty bags for filling. We have all options covered.

Our rock salt is NOT mixed with grit or sand like some of our competitors, therefore de-ices quicker and lasts longer. This brown rock salt is normally the first to run out in a severe winter as councils take preference on our UK sources of rock salt to keep our roads open.

White salt is a purer form of rock salt generally from Egypt or Sardinia. The salt is produced from open salt lake evaporation producing the pure white salt. White salt will not leave any residue and is best suited for areas where cleanliness is an issue.

Rock salt should be ordered early to ensure ample stocks before the bad weather. In a prolonged spell of heavy snow, orders and deliveries can be difficult to get out on time. Rock salt will store quite happily in the poly bags if stored dry until needed. If you intend storing rock salt all year round so that you are never caught out by bad weather you'll need our 170 litre rock salt grit bin. We also have a choice of snow shovels to give you the complete winter protection solution.

Full load and trade enquiries can be made through our dedicated rocksalt website Contact us to discuss large quantities

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