Create Water Features

Probably one of our most favourite natural design aspects in a garden. A water feature is one of the natural elements that works to give motion, reflection and sound adding another dimension to any landscape project.

What to use for a water feature?

Water features can be made with a monolith, boulder or slate pyramid with water running down surrounded by gravel or pebbles, with plants planted either in the pond and around the rocks and boulders to provide a stunning focal point to any garden. Add lighting to create a special atmosphere at nighttime. See our range of water features and our range of monoliths and holloliths from you to choose from.

Creating a Pond water feature

Create a pond for fish or just a pool with a waterfall. Add rocks or slate walling to form the feature, and decorative with our range of Rockery and Boulders.

Water features & Slate

Slate always works particularly well with water especially the Graphite Grey Slate Chippings, with its mix of green plum and blue colours and waterworn finish. The water brings out its natural beauty giving it a lovely glossy finish. Use any slate chipping or paddlestones round the edge of a pond or in the water feature to highlight its natural beauty. See our full range in the Welsh Slate Section.

Unsuitable aggregates for Ponds

Some aggregates are not suitable for fish and we mark these as non fish friendly. This is because they contain natural lime which can leach into the water, so always take care when selecting which aggregate to use for your pond.

Final water feature considerations

Some of the finest show and exhibition gardens will incorporate water either for reflection or movement and it is well worth the effort in the planning stages of the garden.

One thing to consider is the need for power either for lighting or for a pump.

A pond membrane to contain the water which can be covered with aggregate, slate or cobbles to disguise the membrane and give a natural finish is the easiest way to create a simple water feature without difficult landscaping. Visit our Boulders, Rockery and Water Features Section to see what you can create.

Products used to create water features:

Pink and brown gravel

Cheshire Pink Gravel 20mm is a...

Classic Spar 3-8mm Pebbledash

Classic Spar 3-8mm. A traditional red...

Cotswold Gold Gravel Near Plants

This fantastic, 20mm Cotswold Gold...

Dove Grey Limestone Gravel

A beautiful light grey, the Dove Grey...

Gold Flint Gravel Near Yellow Flower

Golden Gravel is a rounded, angular...

This Month's Special
Graphite Grey Slate 40mm

Finally, a darker shade of grey slate...

Green Garden Chippings

An elegant olive green granite with...

Green Slate Chips

These lovely, subtle Green Slate...

Weed membrane roll

Keep weeds at bay with this weed...

Multi Spar Gravel With Pink Flowers

Multi Spar gravel is a distinctive,...

This Month's Special
Plum slate chippings laid near pink flowers

Plum slate chippings are beautiful,...

Snowdonia Tumbled Slate 20-40mm

Snowdonia Tumbled Slate is a unique...

Blue Paddlestones laid next to white flowers in garden

Larger pieces of blue slate are...

Plum Paddlestones

Plum Paddlestones are smoothed tumbled...

Scottish Pebbles 20-40mm

These stunning Scottish Pebbles come...

Scottish Cobbles 50-80mm

Amazing Scottish Cobbles, beautiful,...

pea pebbles and white flowers in garden

Gorgeous, rounded, brown and beige,...

Beach Cobbles 40-80mm

Beach Cobbles are a naturally round...

Welsh quartz granite boulders placed in green plants and shrubs

Amazing welsh quartz granite boulders...

Welsh Quartz and Granite Boulders 350mm - 450mm

Stunning Granite and Welsh Quartz...

Round Slate Walling

Perfect for creating a natural dry...

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