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Boulders, Rockery & Water Features

Boulders, walling and garden rockery stones are the perfect way to create stunning features or to complement planting schemes. 

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Here at Decorative Aggregates, we stock a wide range of boulders and slate stones to form beautiful rockeries and water features, along with attractive water feature kits. We supply everything from Welsh Quartz Granite Boulders, right through to Slate Feature Stones

Used alongside decorative gravels & aggregates, rockery stones can be used to create a natural garden border to planted and grass areas or they can be used to divide up bigger spaces.

Garden Boulder Placement

Boulders can be used individually or together to highlight planting or create a focal point. Boulders add a striking presence to any garden, whether that’s urban, landscape, formal, Japanese or traditional. They can be as simple or as intricately designed as you please; perhaps you’re after a boulder feature in a seating area, a border to create sectioning, or as obstacles for a children’s play area.

Before you purchase your boulders and rockery stones, it’s best to have thoughtfully plotted where they will sit in your garden. This means you won’t impact any growing plants. One of our top tips is to make sure you don’t place them too close to a house with a very different stone and to find a rock colour that complements your current brick. 

Most importantly is how you lay the rocks and boulders in the garden. Ideally, they will look natural, emerging from the ground rather than being placed on top of the surface. For the most stable rocks, bury around a ¼ of the boulder’s height with the heavy side faced down. 

Garden Boulder Shapes

There are a variety of boulder shapes:

Vertical tall - These boulders are taller than they are wide. Often used as a centre stone or the taller part of a waterfall.  

Vertical low - These boulders are wider than they are tall. They are often placed to aesthetically balance out vertical tall stones.  

Flat - Flat boulders have a smooth top surface and are commonly less than around 300mm in height. Perfect for water edging or stepping stones. 

Jagged/Thrusting - Overhanging boulders can give stability and strength to boulder structures, often embodying a sense of power.

Garden Boulder Inspiration

Slate Walling is one of our bestsellers. Handpicked slate wall stones come straight from the quarry in Wales. Slate is the ideal material for edging ponds and paths plus creating natural-looking retaining walls or barbeques.

Water provides motion and sound, transforming the mood and impact of any landscape project. Our drilled monoliths and holloliths make stunning water features and are available to order as part of a water feature kit or as an individual piece.

Slate complements these outdoor water features especially well, particularly Blue Slate Paddlestones.

Take a look at our ‘Create Rockeries’ section and ‘Create Water Features’ page for inspiration and more ways to transform your garden with rockery stones and boulders.

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