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Boulders, Rockery & Water Features

Boulders, slate rockery and walling are the perfect way to create eye-catching features within a garden setting. Boulders and rockery stones come in all shapes and sizes from jagged and angular to semi-rounded.

Boulders and rockery make an impressive statement in every style of garden from Japanese to English cottage. Our boulders come in various sizes and our stunning slate rockery is ideal for a variety of garden applications including rockeries, borders, water features or general landscaping.

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Garden Boulders & Slate Rockery Uses

  • Rockeries - Don’t be afraid to go big and bold! Large garden boulders work beautifully as a central focal point of a rockery and establish height and dimension. Smaller sized boulders can be closely arranged in to groups of twos or threes. Slate rockery such as Graphite Grey Slate Rockery and Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery can also be placed along the outline of a rockery to form a stylish framework.

  • Borders - Boulders and rockery are often used alongside decorative gravels & aggregates to create visually pleasing garden borders and planting beds and divide up bigger spaces to establish entirely new areas within your garden. 

  • Water Features - Using boulders in a water feature is an easy way to instantly add a magical designer touch. You can be as imaginative as you’d like - why not arrange two boulders to create a miniature valley for directing the flow of a stream or place individual stones on the water for a ripple effect? There are so many options!

  • General Landscaping - Boulders can be placed in a variety of different ways including single focal points or grouped clusters and can be as simple or as intricately arranged as you please. Perhaps you’re after a boulder feature in a seating area, a border to create sectioning, or as obstacles for a children’s play area - the options are limitless. For stability, we advise burying around ¼ of the boulder’s height with the heavy side facing down.

  • Slate Walling - Slate Walling is durable and simple to maintain and slate wall stones are specially handpicked for creating retaining walls, barbeques or stylish pond borders.

Boulders & Slate Rockery Colours

There is an incredible difference between rockery and boulders. Boulders are generally larger than slate rockery and there is a remarkable difference in colour, shape and texture.

Welsh Quartz and Granite Boulders are angular and rugged and feature tones of dark and medium greys with hints of brown and pink. The gentle tones will make an immediate impression in traditional English gardens but look just as beautiful in contemporary themes.

Graphite Grey Slate Rockery is a striking grey and sometimes features a natural stream of gorgeous gold running through them, and the gorgeous grey tones of our Slate Walling gives a lovely natural finish that is far more appealing than any concrete block or manufactured walling.

Longer than normal rockery pieces, our stylish Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery features a beautiful hand selected range of plum, green and blue rustic slabs.

Basket Sizes

Boulders are available in three different sizes: 150-400mm (approx 30-50 per crate), 400-600mm (3 or 6 per pallet) and 700-1200mm

Our larger 700-1200mm single boulders are delivered on individual recycled pallets and due to their size they may require a mechanical lift to move into place.

Rockery is delivered in wire cages of approximately 50-70 pieces for Graphite Grey Slate Rockery 250-400mm or 50-75 pieces for Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery 300-700mm. Each crate of grey Slate Walling contains approximately 1 tonne of slate.

Need a little inspiration? Interested in seeing how our lovely customers have used boulders to create beautiful rockeries in their gardens? For up to date ideas, information and offers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

And don’t forget, our friendly team is always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advice on 01629 630256

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