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Graphite Grey Slate Chippings 40mm

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Finally, a darker shade of grey slate chippings! Our stunning NEW Graphite Grey Slate Chipping is simple, yet striking. Graphite Grey Slate Chippings occasionally feature veins of a golden colour running through, making them truly unique.

A beautiful addition to any area, these grey slate chippings are very popular choices for modern style gardens, alongside water features, and for creating a contemporary feel to any landscaping project.  Not only is this grey slate beautiful, but it is also very adaptable, durable and long-lasting. 

These gorgeous 40mm Grey Slate Chippings are quite chunky, so it is better used for ground cover, mulching and around ponds, as opposed to paths. It also gives a lovely texture to any outdoor area. The actual size of the slate chippings ranges from 15-50mm.

Sometimes there may be small pieces of white quartz in the slate, this is because it is naturally embedded with the slate.

Graphite Grey Slate Chippings 40mm are available in bulk bags and polybags, and may also be used on driveways.

Slate Chippings are sourced naturally from the quarry, and in some instances, the product may require a simple rinse with water to remove natural dust and ensure the slate’s natural colour is enjoyed.

How deep should I lay Graphite Grey Slate Chippings? 

Graphite Grey Slate is best laid 5-6cm deep. The actual size of the slate ranges from 15-50mm. This slate is also available in Graphite Grey Slate 20mm.

Graphite Grey Slate inspiration

Add some contrast by ordering some Welsh Quartz Granite Boulders or some Rockery Stones to add texture. You can find these in our ‘Pick n Mix’ section when you come to the checkout.

Grey Slate complements any landscaping area. Not only is it modern, but it complements individual plants and looks great when it’s wet. Take a look at our ‘Create Rockeries’ section for more inspiration.

What are the benefits of grey slate chippings?

Low maintenance - there is no need for trimming, watering or cutting.

Versatile – this diverse product can be used for ground cover, mulching and around ponds.

Easy to lay – they are simple to lay without professional help.

Reduce weed germination - a weed membrane can easily be laid beneath slate to block weeds emerging.

Perfect for mulch - this slate retains moisture and cools the soil, helping plants to survive hot weather.

Looks great both wet and dry – this slate still looks great whatever the weather.

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Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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