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Create Rockeries

Rockeries have a great effect in any garden design giving a random solid base for planting or supporting raised areas. Generally, a rockery stone can be used to disguise an area such as providing an area for planting, form edging to a path or feature area.

The rockery is basically similar in nature to stone escarpments in mountains where large rocks protrude from finer stones and gravel with alpine-type plants growing in between. The appeal with rockeries is the ability to form a feature within the garden where planting can be quite informal and allowed to develop naturally around the rocks with gravel, slate, or pebbles surrounding the rockery stones. 

The rockery stones are normally around 200-300mm in size, but if the project allows something larger you can use Slate Feature Stones. For something more coastal or rounded take a look at the Welsh Quartz Boulders, the large ones are particularly good for featuring in gravel or slate projects as they add a nice contrast and are quite smooth in texture.

Slate walling is very popular for edging ponds, water features and paths. It is also perfect for creating natural looking returning walls or barbeques, where the natural beauty of slate stands out against any type of brick or stonework. The slate works well either laid dry or pointed, it can be cut or split quite easily and is much better than the usual brick and block options as it weathers really well and improves all the time, unlike manmade products.

As slate has been used for generations for roofing it is a well used permanent natural choice for many gardens. 

Monoliths and standing stones are slender pieces of slate, hand picked from the slate quarries in Wales which are often used as individual focal points. Each piece is totally unique in colour, texture and shape. They can be drilled for water features and have cut flat bases to make installation easy.

Sizes can vary from 300mm up to several metres high and are all totally unique and special in character. See more in our Slate Monolith and Feature Stones Section.

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