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Slate Monoliths & Feature Stones

Every garden and landscape area needs a focal point or a central feature. Monolith Water Features are often angular and irregular in shape, with plenty of edges and bumps. This means monolith and feature stones are the perfect way to either create a statement or an unusual talking point.

Drilled vs undrilled Monoliths

Monoliths can be used as water features or left as standing stones to give height and dimension to a garden. The monoliths can be ordered either drilled or undrilled, depending if you want to use them as a water feature or just on their own.

Some of our monoliths come expertly pre-drilled, ready to use as an attractive outdoor water feature. All you need is a water pump and fittings to create a functioning, eye-catching garden feature.

Alternatively, you can order feature stones that are left undrilled, making them ideal for a large statement stone feature in your garden.  

Both the rustic and rugged monoliths provide a really natural garden look. Each monolith is completely unique in shape and size, making them a highly desirable choice for garden features. 

Sizing and colours

Our monoliths come in a variety of different shapes and sizes that will complement any design scheme. We have a range of slate holloliths and monoliths ranging from 300mm to 1800mm.

When you’re selecting a monolith size, consider the space you have available. As some of our monoliths are up to 1800mm high, their immense size means they can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes and would require a mechanical lift to move into place in addition to a strong base or sump. You’ll need space to manoeuvre this in without damaging nearby flowerbeds or paths. 

The holloliths and monoliths can be ordered in a mix of beautiful plum, grey and blue coloured slate. They are sometimes available in an unusual green slate too. 

Spread Snowdonia Polished Slate or Slate Paddlestones around the base of any monolith for great effect that looks fantastic when used as an eye-catching water feature.

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