Slate Monoliths & Feature Stones

Monoliths and feature stones have been used across the world for thousands of years and their significance ranges from the deeply religious to purely decorative. These days, striking Welsh slate monoliths, holloliths and feature stones are used to make a bold statement in all styles of garden.

Every monolith is unique and has its own irregular (often angular) shape. Monoliths can be ordered either undrilled or drilled (if you wish to use them as a water feature).

Holloliths are monoliths with a large central hole drilled in them and their striking appearance looks fantastic when used as a water feature.

Feature stones are beautiful pieces of slate straight from the quarry. Not as tall as monoliths, they vary in size; some are cut to create a clean look, and some are left to their natural shape. 

Feature stones and monoliths make an absolutely stunning centrepiece for any garden, gravelled area or rockery.

Slate Monolith & Feature Stone Uses

  • As a Focal Point - Monoliths have flat bases and can be tall and vertical, or wide and chunky and drilled if needed as a water feature. No matter what shape and size you choose, Slate Monoliths instantly draw attention and curiosity.

    We have a wide variety of Monolith shapes and sizes, ranging from 300-1800mm in height. Our 600mm and 900mm Monoliths are available as chunky or slender in shape. 

    For a more rustic and rugged look, slate feature stones can also be used to create a large statement feature in your garden. Slate feature stones are beautiful pieces of grey Welsh slate and are available in Medium, Large and X-large sizes.

    Slate holloliths are striking in appearance and start out as monoliths before a large circular hole is drilled through their centre. Slate holloliths can be used in imaginative ways and combined with planting or lighting. They range in height from 600mm-1800mm.

  • As a Water Feature - For use as a water feature, slate monoliths and holloliths can be supplied expertly pre-drilled. You will need a water pump and fittings to create a functioning, impressive garden feature. 

    Slate feature stones look stunning when placed near water and darken attractively when wet.

  • Rockery - Don’t be afraid to go big and use height for impact. Monoliths and holloliths work well as a main focal point. Feature stones can also be arranged either singly or in groupings within a rockery to great effect.

Slate Monolith & Feature Stone Colours

Monoliths and holloliths are available in beautiful plum, grey and green slate colours. 

Feature stones are available in stunning natural grey shades. The stone displays streaks of gold within the grey and darkens stylishly when wet.

Slate Monolith Delivery

When you’re selecting a monolith or hollolith size, consider the space you have available. As some of our monoliths are up to 1800mm high, their immense size means they can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes and would require a mechanical lift to move into place in addition to a strong base or sump. You’ll need space to manoeuvre this in without damaging nearby flowerbeds or paths. 

For more information, refer to the product information page. 

Need a little inspiration? Interested in seeing how past customers have used monoliths to create beautiful stone features in their gardens? For up to date ideas, information and offers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

And don’t forget, our friendly team is always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advice on 01629 630256

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