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Slate Chippings

Slate has never been more popular. More versatile than gravel, the majority of slate chippings are flat, making them easy to walk on and the ideal material to revamp and refurbish paths, driveways and borders.

Slate chippings are available in 4 stunning colours, which can bring contrast to any landscaping scheme, either alongside planting, aggregates, paving or tarmac finishes. Choose from blue, plum, green or graphite grey slate chippings to add stunning colour to your space.

Besides its beautiful landscaping effects, garden slate also carries significant environmental benefits. Slate stone is the by-product of roofing slate manufacturing; it’s classed as a recycled material and therefore more environmentally-friendly than other quarried stones.

Here at Decorative Aggregates, our slate chippings are now available in a range of shapes and colours. There’s so much choice!

Rounded Snowdonia Tumbled Paddlestones are chunky, yet smooth and the ideal water feature edging. Striking larger blue paddlestones create a scree-like effect due to their polished, flat finish. Available in 20mm Slate Chippings and 40mm Slate Chippings whatever you choose you can be sure of a beautiful result.

There’s a place for slate in any garden!

Why not build a stunning rockery focal point? Visit our inspiration pages for unique ways to transform your garden with slate.

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