Slate Chippings

Slate chippings are a beautiful aggregate that is easy to lay and the ideal material to enhance garden areas, rockeries, ponds, paths, borders and driveways.

Garden slate is available in a selection of colours which look fantastic both wet and dry. The majority of slate chippings are flat making them easy to walk on, however slate chippings are available in different sizes and we recommend you use a slate size suitable for the job you have planned.

Our slate chippings are classed as recycled material slate is therefore more environmentally friendly than other quarried stones.

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Slate Chipping Uses

  • Paths - Slate chippings are an excellent pathway material and easy to maintain. 20mm slate chippings are flat, making them easy to walk on and our Graphite Grey Slate Chippings are ideal. We recommend laying slate paths at least 40-50mm deep.

  • Borders - Slate chippings add a beautifully natural finish to borders, bringing structure and form to garden boundaries, paths or patios. Choose our smaller Slate Mini Mulch for a compact border finish that adds colour and character.

  • Ponds & Water Features - Slate darkens to a beautiful deep colour when wet - the perfect complement to a trickling water feature or pond and all our slate chippings are fish friendly. The polished flat surface of our larger Blue Paddlestones looks great at the base of a water feature or around a pond, creating a scree-like finish.

  • Driveways - Slate driveways are easy to lay and attractive. We recommend choosing 20mm slate chippings laid to a depth of 60mm for slate driveways as they tend to be flatter and easier to drive on.

  • Rockeries - Slate chippings look fabulous interspersed between larger boulders in rockeries and our selection of beautiful slate colours can be used alongside many aggregate colours to stunning effect.

  • Ground Cover - Chunkier 40mm slate chippings such as Graphite Grey Slate 40mm provide a stylish open-texture finish that look beautiful as ground cover and boost kerb appeal in front gardens. 

  • Mulch - Slate chippings help retain moisture during hotter weather, providing a beautiful alternative to traditional mulches such as bark. 

Slate Colours

Our slate chippings are available in 4 natural colours - Blue, PlumGraphite Grey and Green and whichever slate chipping you choose, you can be sure of a beautiful result. If you are attempting to match slate colours, please order a sample before ordering as the colour may vary according to the seam being mined. 

Slate Bag Sizes

Our slate chippings can be ordered in 20mm, 40mm & 50-150mm sizes and are available in 830kg bulk bags or 20kg poly bags.

How much slate do you need to buy?

To avoid wastage and unnecessary expense, it's important to know how much slate you need for your garden project. Our slate calculator will help you calculate the amount to order. 

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