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Horticultural Products

Whether you’re a novice in the garden or a green-fingered expert, our wide range of horticultural products is suitable for all. We supply everything from Lawn Mix Topsoil, and Silver Sand, right through to Weed Prevention Membranes.

With eco-friendly gardening on the rise, we stock a wide variety of environmentally-friendly horticultural products. Vegegrow Topsoil is high in nutrients and peat free. It’s ideal for growing anything from supersized vegetables to beautiful blooms or for making the perfect base for a magnificent lawn. 

Multi-Purpose Organic Compost is a slow-release compost, free from additives and produced from recycled green waste such as grass cuttings and hedge clippings.

One of our best-selling horticultural products is Landscaping Bark Mulch. During hot summers, this is the ideal ground cover, helping plants struggling in the drought to retain moisture.

Horticultural grit is a must-have for all gardeners. Practical and decorative, it’s ideal for adding drainage or as a plant topping to preserve moisture.

At Decorative Aggregates, you can mix and match your horticultural products with our decorative monoliths and features stones, or cobbles or pebbles for a complete garden transformation. If you’re in need of some fresh ideas, take a look at our ‘Create Paths’ or ‘Create Rockeries’ pages.

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Horticultural Grit

This coarse grade of aggregate is...

Silver Sand

This medium grain Silver Sand is...

Landscaping Bark Mulch

This material acts as a natural weed...

Multi Purpose Organic Compost

This is an organic, slow release...

Vegegrow Topsoil

Produced specifically for borders,...

Lawn Mix Topsoil

Lawn mix is a consistent virgin...

Pavior Sand

A dried sand suitable for jointing...

Play Pit Sand

Give your kids a treat with clean...

Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

 Stop those weeds coming back...

2 Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

Prevent those pesky weeds reaccuring...

3 Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

Avoid those weeds flourishing in your...

4  Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

Are weeds a probem in your garden? We...

Driveway Fabric Weed Prevention Membrane

Wanting a more robust membrane for...

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