Pebbledashing is a decorative exterior wall covering that is applied to a render to create a beautiful finish for homes that provides insulation and helps protect walls from adverse weather.

Other names often used to describe the process of Pebbledashing include dry-dashing, harling and roughcasting.

We are the largest producer and supplier of Pebbledash Aggregates in the UK and offer an extensive colour range.

Pebbledashing Benefits

Pebbledashing is popular with both architects and builders due to its ability to protect the external walls of buildings from adverse weather. Not only that, but its long-lasting appearance extends the life of the building. Other benefits include:

Decorative and visually pleasing

Adds value to a property  

Improves insulation  

Long lasting and cost effective

Protect walling from harsh weather conditions

Provides a low maintenance finish

Pebbledash Stone Colours

We offer an extensive range of colourful aggregates - far removed from traditional pebbledashing. Pebbledashing can be used to create interesting, unique designs and finishes that are always a talking point!

Examples of colours available include:

Our 3-8mm Rosa Champagne pebble dashing aggregate looks best on a white render. Its blend of brown and lilac colour with polar white marble delivers a strong, speckled and bold dash finish.

3-8mm Polar White is a traditional, popular choice. Mainly white and featuring beautiful specks of cream for slight contrast, this beautiful marble has a clean, sparkly finish and is imported from Spain.

Bag Sizes

Aggregate sizes range from 3-8mm and are available to order in 25kg poly bags. One 25kg bag will cover approximately 1.5m²-2m² of walling.

For information on how to prepare your background for Pebbledashing, click here.

We supply the public and private sector through merchants and contractors nationwide.

For more information, visit our dedicated Pebbledashing website -

And don’t forget, our friendly team is always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advice on 01629 630256

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listing image for Ashton Cream pebble dash aggregates 3-8mm

Ashton Cream 3-8mm. A mix of white...

listing image for barleycorn pebbledash
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Barleycorn Quartz 3-8mm. A quartz...

Beige Marble 3-8mm Pebbledash

Beige Marble 3-8mm. A marble with...

Black Basalt 6mm Pebbledash

Black Basalt 6mm....

Brightstone 3-8mm Pebbledash

Brightstone 3-8mm. A mix of white...

Buff Quartz 3-8mm Pebbledash

Buff Quartz 3-8mm. A quartz from...

Classic Spar 3-8mm Pebbledash

Classic Spar 3-8mm. A traditional red...

Derbyshire Spar 3-8mm Pebbledash
Harvest 3-8mm

Harvest 3-8mm. A mix of buff quartz...

listing image for Limestone Pebbledash aggregate 6mm

Limestone 6mm Dove Grey for a...

pebbledash sample box

A 28cm x 19cm pebbledash sample...

Polar Black and White Spar 3-8mm Pebbledash

Polar Black and White Spar 3-8mm is a...

Polar Red and White 3-8mm Pebbledash

Polar Red and White 3-8mm. A mix...

listing image for polar white pebble dashing aggregates

Polar White 3-8mm. A marble imported...

Red Granite 6mm Pebbledash

A bright brick coloured red granite,...

Round Gravel 6mm Pebbledash

The Round Gravel 6mm is a natural dark...

listing image for pebbledash mix Sunflower, a mix of yellow, white and cream stones

Sunflower 3-8mm. A mix of yellow...

White Calcined Flint 3-8mm Pebbledash

White Calcined Flint 3-8mm....

Yellow Spar 6mm Pebbledash

Yellow Spar 6mm. A yellow, rounded...

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