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Gravels & Aggregates

Instantly transform your garden, drive, path or pond with gravel or aggregate. Gravel and aggregates are low maintenance, affordable and easy to lay. Here at Decorative Aggregates, we stock the most extensive range of quality aggregates in the UK and our wide range of colourful gravel and aggregates can be used to complement any existing planting or landscaping areas.

Gravel Uses

Gravel is a versatile aggregate with many uses for outdoor improvements:

Patio base




Base layer under tarmac

Pebble dashing

Surrounding water features

Decorative borders

We offer gravel in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and they can be purchased in bulk bags or individually sealed 20kg poly bags. The gravel is available in different stone types and we ensure products that aren’t suitable for ponds are labelled with a warning sign on their product page with our ‘Not Fish Friendly’ icon. 

Benefits of Gravel

Gravel is a fantastic choice in any landscaping and gardening project thanks to a range of practical benefits which reduce outdoor upkeep.

Low maintenance – gravel suppresses weeds and doesn’t require any mowing or watering.  

Drainage – gravel provides natural drainage, leaving your drive, path or garden, puddle-free. 

Hard-wearing – gravel very rarely gets affected by adverse weather conditions.

Secure – gravel is an effective security measure, making a distinct, crunch sound when it’s walked upon.

Simple to lay – gravel is easier to lay than concrete, paving and tarmac. 

Mulch - gravel is drought resistant, helping plants to survive the warm summers. 

Gravel Colours and Styles

Our best-selling chestnut coloured Pea Gravel is an attractive natural aggregate and the perfect accompaniment to a pond or water feature.

Stunning white gravel gives any garden that wow factor. Try Polar White Marble for a brighter, modern look if you want to complement individual plants or provide an eye-catching contrast to slate rockeries.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful gravel driveway, the warm hue of Cotswold Gold Gravel is ideal for paths and drives - delivering a professional finish with subtle creams and yellows.

Gravel for Mulch

Gardeners can use our aggregates and gravel as mulches. Used on top of soil, they aid moisture retention in the summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation. Gravels such as Cheshire Pink, Cotswold Buff and Pea Gravel create both a very effective and attractive solution.

How much gravel aggregate do you need to buy?

It’s always difficult to know how much you need to buy so that you have enough to complete your project with no wastage or unnecessary expense. We’ve created a gravel calculator to do the maths for you.

Simply enter the length, width and depth of the area you’re covering in gravel to find out the approximate volume of gravel you’ll need.

At Decorative Aggregates, you can mix and match our gravel and aggregate with monoliths and features stones, slate chippings and cobbles or pebbles. Or why not try creating a beautiful gravel path?

Interested in new ideas? No matter how small or large your landscaping area is, our inspiration page has lots to look at. And don’t forget our expert team is here to help so please call us on 01629 630256 if you need any advice.

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Rhinegold Gravel 10mm

A beautiful blend of golden yellows...

This Month's Special
Spanish Beige Marble 8-18mm

A piece of Spain in your Garden ...

New Product
Polar White Marble Gravel 30mm

Polar White Marble Gravel 30mm...

Polar White Marble 20mm

Our Polar White Marble 20mm is a...

Polar White Marble 10mm

A striking wintery white marble that...

Dove Grey Limestone Gravel 10-14mm

A beautiful light grey, the Dove Grey...

Dove Grey Limestone Gravel 14-20mm
Cotswold Buff Gravel 20mm

A beautiful, angular, cream limestone,...

Cotswold Gold Gravel 20mm

A beautiful warm, golden/grey...

Cotswold Gold Gravel 14mm

With gorgeous, mellow, golden and grey...

Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust

Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust is a...

Charcoal Granite Gravel 10 mm

An attractive charcoal granite 10...

Silver Blue Granite Gravel 14mm

Simply sparkling with blue and grey...

Green Granite Gravel 20mm
Red Granite Gravel 20mm

A very popular, brightly coloured...

Red Granite Gravel 10mm

An attractive deep red granite...

Golden Gravel 20mm

An attractive multi coloured natural...

Golden Gravel 6-10mm

Our most popular golden gravel, this...

Pea Gravel 10-20mm

An attractive natural aggregate with...

Pea Gravel  10mm

A beautiful mix of rounded...

Cheshire Pink Gravel 20mm

Cheshire Pink Gravel 20mm is a warming...

Lomond Gravel 20mm

An understated attractive gravel,...

Barleycorn Gravel 8-16mm

Looking for something truly different...

Multi Spar Gravel 10mm

A very distinctive and contemporary...

Mot Type 1

Mot Type 1 is a bulk fill and...

Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

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2 Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

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3 Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

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4  Pack Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

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Green Glass Chippings 10-14mm
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Green glass chippings 10-14mm. A...

Black Glass Chippings 10-14mm
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Lilac Glass Chippings 10-14mm
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