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Gravels & Aggregates

Decorative aggregates and gravels are beautiful, screened stone chippings that include Granite, Limestone, Quartz and Marble.

Gravels vary considerably in size and composition and for the best results, it’s important to choose a chipping which is suitable for the project you have planned. 

We offer the widest range of quality garden gravel in the UK, suitable for a variety of landscaping uses - including driveways, paths, rockeries, garden ponds and mulch.

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Gravel uses

  • Driveways - A gravel driveway should have a secure driving surface and to aid stability, we recommend gravel of 14-20mm in size is laid to a depth of 50mm. The shape and hardness of the gravel should also be considered - for example, angular shaped driveway gravel is less prone to drift and rutting. Our range of driveway stone includes Cotswold Gold GravelDove Grey Limestone and Flamengo Chippings.
  • Paths - Gravel paths are easy to lay and look stunning in all types of design. To ensure walking is comfortable, 10mm and 20mm gravels laid to a depth of 30-40mm and 40-50mm respectively are best. Dove Grey Limestone and Cotswold Chippings are a popular choice for garden paths.
  • Garden borders - Gravel creates a beautiful backdrop for timber fencing, brickwork and plants and a gravel border is a great way of separating and defining one area from another.
  • Ponds - We have many fish friendly decorative stones that can be used either for pond bases or edging - just look out for the ‘Fish Friendly’ logo in the product description.
  • Patios - Gravel is an ideal choice for a patio and you can choose a colour which suits you and your home. As well as being an affordable option, creating a garden patio is a simple DIY project. The ideal patio gravel is 10-20mm in size and should be laid at least 30mm deep. 
  • Ground cover - Gravel is a low maintenance alternative to soil or grass and a really easy way of adding instant colour and texture to a landscaping area. Gravel used as ground cover can be any size or shape from rounded to angular and is best laid at least 20-30mm deep.
  • Mulch - Gravel is an effective mulch. Used on top of soil, it aids moisture retention in the summer, provides insulation from temperature fluctuation and naturally suppresses weeds. Gravels such as Cheshire PinkCotswold Buff and Pea Gravel are both a very effective and attractive solution. 

Gravel Colours

There are no strict rules when it comes to which gravel colour to use - for example, Polar White Gravel can be an eye-catching contrast when used in a slate rockery but is equally beautiful in a warm, Mediterranean inspired design.

Our extensive range of garden stones includes every colour from gold to green to white to black. Have fun choosing!

Bag Sizes

All gravels are available in 850kg gravel bulk bags or 20kg poly bags.

How much gravel do you need to buy?

Our gravel calculator calculates how much you need to buy and helps cut down wastage and unnecessary expense. 

Simply enter the length, width and depth of the area you’re covering in gravel to find out the approximate volume of gravel you’ll need.

Need a little inspiration? Interested in seeing how our lovely customers have used gravel in their gardens? For up to date ideas, information and offers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

And don’t forget, our friendly team is always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advice on 01629 630256

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