Loose Loads

Loose Tipped Loads

For when a little is not enough...

graphic of lorry for loose loads If you are wanting a large amount of aggregate or slate, it may be more cost-effective to have a loose-tipped load delivered. We are happy to provide you with a quote on any of our products as this delivery method can sometimes work out cheaper. 

We have several different-sized vehicles at our disposal in orange loose load truckcase access is an issue. Loose loads are made by large heavy vehicles (sometimes articulated) and need a lot of space and a suitable flat, level and solid ground to tip. A complete vehicle can weigh up to 44 tonnes and you must ensure the vehicle can access your site. If a vehicle cannot gain access and make a delivery you will be required to pay the cost of transport. This would include the delivery and return charges so please make sure you are 100% certain access is possible.

There are several options available:                           

Articulated Tippers - These can carry 29 tonnes and weigh graphic of lorry with blue back for loose delivery of aggregates
a total of 44 tonnes. Any deliveries made with this vehicle require good level hard ground and good access as they are approx 14.2 metres long.

Rigid Tippers - these vary in size and capacity.  

20-tonne tippers - these are typically 9.8 metres in length and weigh 32 tonnes in total.

16-tonne tippers - these are typically 8.2 metres in length and weigh 26 tonnes in total. 

If taking delivery of a loose-tipped load, we do need to ensure someone is at home on the day of the delivery.

So if you need about 20 bulk bags, it may be more cost-effective to get a loose-tipped load.

Please call our office, and we will be happy to give you a quote. Call 01629 630256 and ask for Lucy or Emily.

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