Resin Bound Products

Resin Bound is one of the fastest growing and popular driveway solutions in the UK. Its beauty is matched only by its practicality and it offers several unique benefits including permeability, low maintenance and slip resistance. Resin bound is a fantastic investment that is sure to add instant kerb appeal and stop neighbours in their tracks.

Resin Bound vs Resin Bonded

It is important that you understand which surface you want. Resin Bound and Resin Bonded are very distinct:

Resin Bonding applies a loose gravel finish to a resin bonding coat. This is sometimes called scattercoat and leaves the crunch and appearance of loose gravel, but with the majority of the gravel bonded into the resin coat. 

Resin Bound is a system of mixing the clear resin with the aggregate, then levelling and smoothing out the gravel to a flat, smooth finish. It can also be used indoors and is a beautiful alternative to tiles or carpets.

Resin Bound Uses

The porous nature of a resin bound surface means water doesn’t build up and drains through instead. That makes it a highly popular choice and truly versatile for projects such as:




Car Parks



Resin Bound Benefits

Beautiful: Resin bound surfaces are very attractive. Its smooth, uniform finish combined with a stunning range of colours creates limitless design opportunities; from geometric patterns to personalised letters; bespoke logos to contrasting colour blocks – there is a colour and design to suit any style and age of property.

Versatile: Resin bound is a fantastic way to add kerb appeal to any property. From traditional Victorian terraces to luxury new builds, the driveways, paths and patios of thousands of homes have been improved and transformed with resin bound.

Low Maintenance: Resin bound systems are weed resistant and simple to clean, and there is no need to rearrange or replace stones displaced by unpredictable weather.

SUDS Compliant: Resin bound is permeable and able to absorb up to 850L of water per m2 per minute. As a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Development Systems) compliant solution, new drives don’t require planning permission as long as a porous sub-base or suitable soakaway exists.

DALTEX is the no 1 brand in resin bound and we supply DALTEX dried aggregates and DALTEX resin to thousands of architects and contractors throughout the UK.

Our expert team can help and advise on any queries you may have about resin drives or paths. Alternatively, visit our dedicated Resin Bound Aggregates website for more detailed information on how it’s done, the benefits of the system and to see all the different gravels that are available.

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