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Resin Bound Products

Resin Bonding or Bound is a method of applying an aggregate or gravel with resin to a concrete or tarmac drive to give the ultimate no mess, no maintenance gravel effect with stunning natural colours.

Bonding is applying a loose gravel finish to a resin bonding coat also called scattercoat which leaves the crunch and feel of a loose gravel but with the majority of the gravel bonded into the resin coat.

Bound is a system of mixing the clear resin with the aggregate then levelling and smoothing out the gravel to a flat smooth glossy finish often called a “resin or stone carpet”. This can also be used indoors to great effect instead of tiles or carpets.

We supply all the major resin companies and contractors with the aggregates for these systems, as the aggregate has to be specifically processed and carefully packed and can help and advise on any queries on resin drives or paths, alternatively visit our dedicated Resin Bound Aggregates website for detailed information on how it’s done, the benefits of the system and to see all the different gravels that are available.

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