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Create Paths

Make your garden path something special by using natural coloured aggregates, such as gravel or slate. Use the pathway to complement an existing design scheme and highlight rocks, plants and other features in your garden. 

Make you own path

It really could not be easier or quicker to form your pathway. Draw out your path using string or a marker, dig out, compact the base, (using an Mot type material if required), lay your membrane and level out the gravel of your choice on top. Be as inspired as you like by making curves, patterns or paths that cross in different aggregates and to lead the focus through the garden.

On sloping ground, a 20mm Slate chipping or the Cotswold Gold Path is the best to use, as they can easily cope with uneven ground. Use these products to create undulating paths and steps.

We would recommend that a gravel no bigger than 16mm be used on path ways - usually the 10mm size is considered the most suitable, we have lots for you to choose from on in our Gravel and Aggregates category. It’s easier and more stable for walking on. Alternatively 20mm slate can be used and is particularly good as its flat pieces lay together and form a solid surface for walking on.

If you need a little more from your path than just to be walked on, such as prams, bikes, wheelchairs etc. Keep that natural feel with the Cotswold Golden Path. It is ideal as it provides a long lasting solid base with a natural grit surface and a beautiful golden finish.

For the ultimate gravel finish, use the resin bonded system. This combines the natural look and feel of a gravel with a hardwearing finish that is cost effective and easy to maintain. For more information visit our resin bonded aggregates pages or visit our dedicated resin bonded aggregates website at

Rockery Stones can be used to provide a natural edging to the path, framing the edges in a highly decorative fashion. Think of a meandering pathway edged in rockery, through the garden with stunning slate features, boulders and beautiful gravel, combined with artful planting, limited only by your imagination. You will find a fabulous selection in our Pebbles and Cobbles section or in our Boulders and Rockery section.

Products used to create pathways

Barleycorn Gravel 8-16mm

Looking for something truly different...

Cheshire Pink Gravel 20mm

Cheshire Pink Gravel 20mm is a warming...

Classic Spar 3-8mm
Back in
stock shortly

Classic Spar 3-8mm. A traditional red...

Graphite Grey Slate 20mm

At last, it’s here - a beautiful...

Lomond Gravel 20mm

An understated attractive gravel,...

Rock Salt
Back in
stock shortly

De-icing rock salt - 100% pure rock...

Slate Standing Stones
Back in
stock shortly

Give your garden an instant focal...

Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust

Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust is a...

Best Buy
Plum and Blue Slate Mini Mulch

A beautiful combination of smaller...

Golden Gravel 6-10mm

Our most popular golden gravel, this...

Polar White Marble Gravel 10mm
Back in
stock shortly

A striking wintery white marble that...

Red Granite Gravel 10mm

A rich, deep, fiery red granite...

Silver Blue Granite Gravel 14mm

Simply sparkling with blue and grey...

Charcoal Granite Gravel 10mm

This attractive Charcoal Granite...

Pea Gravel  10mm

A beautiful mix of rounded chestnut...

Rhinegold Gravel 10mm

There’s a beautiful blend of...

Multi Spar Gravel 10mm

A very distinctive and contemporary...

Cotswold Gold Gravel 14mm
Back in
stock shortly

With gorgeous, mellow, golden and grey...

Special Offer
Blue Slate Chippings 20mm

A beautiful natural blue slate, with...

Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

Plum Slate Chippings, also known as...

Dove Grey Limestone Gravel 10-14mm

A beautiful light grey, the Dove Grey...

Mot Type 1

Mot Type 1 is a bulk fill and...

Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

Stop those weeds coming back with the...

Green Glass Chippings 10-14mm

10-14mm Green glass chippings are...

Lilac Glass Chippings 10-14mm

Spectacular lilac glass chippings...

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