10mm Gravel

We have a collection of smaller 10mm gravel products that are perfect for decorating your garden in a range of colours and materials. 

Types of small gravel

For lighter gravel that contrasts beautifully against flower beds, we have Polar White Marble and Dove Grey Limestone.

The Classic Flint and Multi Spar Gravel have contrasting tones that look stunning as a pathway or in a rockery. 

For darker gravel, why not try our Red Granite or Charcoal Granite

If you're after a classic golden finish, we have a range of golden gravels to suit your needs; our Rhinegold and Golden Gravel are very popular choices. 

Can’t decide which colour to choose? Order some samples today.

How much gravel do I need? 

As a rough estimate, if your area is 5m x 5m, and it needs to be laid at a 40mm depth, you will need 3 bulk bags of gravel.

However, for a more accurate guide, simply use our easy gravel calculator.

What to lay under 10mm gravel

In order to prevent weeds from sprouting up through your gravel, you can lay a weed prevention membrane. This sheet can easily be cut to fit the shape and size of your gravelled area.

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