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Mot Type 1

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Bulk Bag (850kg)

Bulk Bag (850kg)


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Mot Type 1 is a bulk fill and levelling material; it’s used as a base course for drives, paths and construction jobs.

It is a limestone from 40mm down to dust, and is used as a bulk fill and levelling material. Commonly, this is used as a base course on drives, paths, sheds, ponds or any construction job, to provide a foundation for further layers above, ie. when laying a drive or path

A compacted layer of type 1, is then covered with a membrane and finished off with a covering of any of our decorative gravel products.

MOT Type 1 is permeable, so this helps with drainage through the finished system. It also has larger stones within it, so it won't wash away or settle, unlike some sands and "all in" aggregate mixes. 

MOT Type 1 is used in highway construction as the base course, and also the load bearing course below the tarmac layers making up the carriageway.

This product is also available in a loose tipped load

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