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Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust

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Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust is a natural golden self-binding limestone material for paths, car parks and light traffic areas where a hard surface is required without using any tarmac, cement or artificial binders. This blend of natural limestones is used in many National Trust properties in order to create natural looking hardstanding areas and pathways.

This self binding gravel creates a professional finish. Please read below for more information on how to use this product.

When you want a hard bound surface and that is not gravelled or artificial, the best solution is a self binding limestone,this is a blend of limestone from 10mm down to dust which is applied at 75mm deep and rolled to 50mm finished depth. The first rolling is with a vibratory roller or plate to compact and then wetted and rolled again without vibrating to seal the surface with the fines wetted through filling the surface voids. A slight camber or slope is normally designed in to allow water run off to keep the surface good. The surface is normally laid on compacted hardcore or MOT type 1 and general coverage is eight square metres per tonne.

Cotswold Golden Path is available in tippers as well for large contracts and is a great choice where used in areas of environmental sensitivity. The colour is a warm beige and buff and the finished surface would normally have a scattering of loose chippings over a solid smooth surface; looking very simple and natural.

Recommended Laying Method
It is recommended that a timber edging is put down to receive the gravel. It should be laid on a well consolidated MOT type 1 base. To create this compacted base the MOT type 1 will need to be evenly laid & rolled. (The heavier roller used, the better compaction) It is essential that the base allows for drainage.

The gravel is then to be spread evenly on top of the compacted ground & similarly rolled, this time the first rolling is with a vibratory roller or plate to compact. It is then wetted and rolled again without vibrating, this is to seal the surface with the fines wetted through filling the surface voids. A slight camber or slope is normally designed in to allow water run off. The initial laying of the gravel should be at a depth of 75mm before compaction. The final thickness once compacted should be a thickness of 50mm. The coverage is generally 8 m2 per tonne. 
The finished surface would normally have a scattering of loose chippings over the solid surface creating an effective finish. The Cotswold gold is a popular choice, with no use of resins, it is a cost effective and durable product. 


  • To keep gravel looking fresh all year round the occasional gentle sweep with a soft broom may be required to move any fallen leaves.
  • If potholes occur in the gravel a small neat area around the pothole should be removed and replaced by fresh gravel, it should then be rolled as per our laying instructions then water rolled to match it up to the existing gravel.
  • Weeds shouldn't be pulled from the gravel as this will loosen the compacted gravel. These areas should be sprayed with a water based weed killer.


Rake the top surface of the gravel at about a 25mm depth, once loosened this top layer will need to be discarded. A fresh layer of gravel is then to be applied and rolled as per original laying instructions. 

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This product is also available in a loose tipped load

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