20mm Slate Chippings

Our range of 20mm slate chippings in blue, green, graphite grey and plum are a very popular choice. 

20mm slate chippings are flatter than 40mm slate chippings. Their flat surface area means they are easy to walk on for paths, look great around ponds and work well on drives.  

Can't decide which colour to choose? Order a sample today. 

What is slate used for?

Garden paths, rockeries, water feature edging, mulch, ground cover, pond edging, borders, planting areas, and patio gap fillers.

How deep should 20mm slate chippings be laid?

The depth of your slate chippings depends on what you are using them for and their size. For standard 20mm slate chippings, lay these at approximately 4-5cm deep. However, if you are creating a driveway, lay this slightly deeper at 5-6cm.

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