Pathway Gravel Aggregates

We have a wide range of gravels and aggregates of all colours and shapes that are fantastic for garden pathways.

We recommend that gravel for a path shouldn't be larger than 16mm in size as gravels that are larger than this can be difficult and uncomfortable to walk on. Slate chippings at 20mm can be used for pathways due to their flat shape.

We provide pathway gravel suitable for all path designs and lengths. Popular polar white gravel is perfect for a modern and contemporary feel whilst for customers who want a more natural, warm look for their garden path, Rhinegold gravel or pea gravel remain firm favourites.

At Decorative Aggregates, we stock the largest variety of gravels and aggregates ready for next-day delivery. We have pathway gravel samples available too to ensure that customers are happy with their choice.

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Most Popular
Rhinegold gravel near purple flower

There’s a beautiful blend of...

This Month's Special
plum slate chippings 20mm listing image

This gorgeous Plum Slate 20mm is one...

This Month's Special
graphite grey slate chippings 20mm

At last, it’s here - a beautiful...

black gravel for garden laid next to white flowers

This attractive Charcoal Granite...

White Spar Gravel 10mm

Polar White Spar Gravel is fantastic...

Red Gravel Beside Sunflower

A rich, deep, fiery red granite...

Multi Spar Gravel With Pink Flowers

Multi Spar gravel is a distinctive,...

Dove Grey Limestone Gravel

A beautiful light grey, the Dove Grey...

Golden Flint Gravel Near Yellow Flower

Golden Gravel is a rounded, angular...

Gold gravel dust

Cotswold Golden Path 10mm Dust is a...

Pea Gravel laid next to rock and red flowers

Pea Gravel is a beautifully rounded...

Cotswold Gold Gravel Chipping With Pink Flowers

With gorgeous, mellow, golden and grey...

Silver Gravel Watering Can

Simply sparkling with blue and grey...

20mm blue slate chippings, rockery and pink flowers

Gorgeous, natural, blue slate...

Green Slate Chips

These lovely, subtle Green Slate...

New Product
close overhead photo of black ice gravel

Black Ice Gravel chippings are a great...

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