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Cobbles and Garden Pebbles

A totally natural way to transform any garden or pond is with cobbles & pebbles, they give a riverbed, beach or cobbled look to any area. Complement with gravels & aggregates and a few boulders or rocks for a stunning garden design. 

Gardeners can also use these bags of pebbles and cobbles as mulches. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation. They can be used to create feature areas within the garden or to highlight planting areas. From our rustic, natural cobbles to bright white pebbles from Spain, our range of cobbles and pebbles can help you create your perfect garden. 

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Scottish Pebbles

These are the best pebbles available...

Polar White Pebbles

White Spanish marble pebbles tumbled...

Pea Pebble 20-40mm

Lovely, rounded brown and beige...

Scottish Cobbles

The best cobble available in the UK....

Beach Cobbles

Nicely rounded with varying shades of...

Large Welsh Cobbles

A wire basket of hand picked...

Mediterranean Cobbles
Back in
stock shortly

Multicoloured various sized...

Landscape Weed Prevention Membrane

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Driveway Fabric Weed Prevention Membrane

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