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Cobbles and Garden Pebbles

Cobbles and garden pebbles are beautifully natural aggregates which bring a cobbled or beached look to any garden. Pebbles range in size from 20-60mm, and cobbles range from 40-100mm. They are formed from rock that has been smoothed by flowing water and tumbled to produce a rounded shape.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, rounded and semi-rounded cobbles and pebbles add a beautiful designer touch to garden borders, ponds, water features, rockeries or flower beds.

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Cobble & Pebble Uses

  • Borders - Cobbles and pebbles are particularly popular for use in decorative borders and can be used to introduce structure and framework to any garden design.

  • Ponds & Water Features - Many of our garden stones can be used for ponds - just look out for the ‘Fish Friendly’ logo in the product description. However, we think it’s hard to beat the gorgeous pink, brown and grey tones of our naturally rounded Scottish Pebbles!

  • Rockeries - Cobbles and pebbles laid with larger boulders and slate feature stones are a match made in heaven. The distinctive richness and warmth of our irregularly shaped Beach Cobbles 40-80mm complements alpine planting in particular.

  • Ground coverCobbles and pebbles are a stylish and practical way to achieve lasting colour whatever the season. Used as ground cover, they are particularly effective at shaping and defining different spaces within a front or back garden. 

  • Mulch - Cobbles or pebbles can be placed on top of soil to help retain the moisture underneath and provide some protection from temperature fluctuation by insulating the earth. 

  • Flower Beds - Cobbles and pebbles add a really professional looking touch to any planting scheme or flowerbed. Make sure you level and smooth out pebbles as much as possible around the base of your plants and flowers so they are not damaged. Spanish Polar White Pebbles improve any setting and also work well as plant toppers. For a more traditional result, Pea Pebbles 20-60mm are a popular choice.

Cobble And Pebble Colours

All pebbles and cobbles are created by nature and every one is unique! We’re certain our range contains a cobble or pebble to help you create a garden every bit as individual as you. Have fun choosing! 

Bag Sizes

Pebbles are available in 850kg bulk bags and 20kg poly bags, and cobbles can be ordered in bulk bags.

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And don’t forget, our friendly team is always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advice on 01629 630256

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