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Cobbles and Garden Pebbles

Cobbles and garden pebbles are a beautifully natural way to transform any garden, giving a riverbed, beach or cobbled look to any outdoor area. 

Styles and Colours

Decorative Cobbles and Pebbles come in an attractive range of shapes and colours.

Some of our best-selling decorative pebbles are our Polar White Pebbles and Pea Pebbles. Both garden pebbles are rounded and are often used to complement rockeries and plant pot tops so features really stand out. 

Garden stones can also be used to create feature areas within the garden or to highlight planting areas. Our Mediterranean Cobbles are tumbled rounded cobbles with distinctive, unique colours, unlike any others. There are whites, reds, greens, oranges, purples and various multi-banded stones, making them a great feature on their own or to complement a focal point.

The hand-picked Large Welsh Cobbles range from fist-size to small melon size. They’re ideal to form a beach-like feature for a unique stream or pond.

Why not mix and match our cobbles and pebbles range with slate monoliths and feature stones, gravels and aggregates or our range of horticultural products?

From rustic, natural cobbles through to bright white garden stones from Spain, whatever your vision is the Decorative Aggregates range of cobbles and pebbles can help you create your perfect garden.

Water Feature Pebbles and Cobbles

One of the most popular ways to use garden pebbles is in a stunning water feature. 

You can make a water feature with a monolith, boulder or slate pyramid. Surrounded by gravel or pebbles with plants either in the pond or around the rocks and boulders, you can create an impressive focal point for your garden.

Not only do cobbles and pebbles look fabulous, but they also help to stop debris clogging up your water feature pumps. Our Scottish Pebbles are extracted from age old glacial deposits, giving them a well-rounded, smooth finish. They’re ideal for water features and rockeries, as the water beautifully enhances all the different colours. What’s more, you can add lighting to create an extra-special atmosphere at night. Take a look at our guide on how to create water features for more inspiration.

Using Pebbles As Mulch

Gardeners use bags of pebbles and cobbles as mulches. Placed on top of soil, they aid moisture retention in the Summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation. Use our natural looking cobbles and pebbles around your plants to create a tidy, contemporary look. 

Choose a vibrant colour to create a vivid contrast or choose an earthy tone for a more subtle effect – the options are endless.

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