Drilled Slate Hollolith 1800mm (6ft)

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If you're looking to add impact and a sense of height and scale to your garden, the Drilled Slate Hollolith 1800mm is the ideal choice and features beautiful grey tones.

Slate Hollolith’s complement all garden themes and styles and add a contemporary twist to any design - a must-have for any garden project. This hollolith requires a strong base or sump.

If you want to choose the exact stone for your project please visit our Bespoke Monolith and Hollolith Range on https://decorativeaggregates.com/category/select-your-own

How are slate holloliths made?

To make the Hollolith 1800mm, we start with slate stone and drill a large borehole through the front, then we cut the base and drill a water hole of 32mm wide from the base to the large borehole. This allows for water to be pumped up through it and run out of the bottom of the hole.

Where can slate holloliths be used?

  • Water features
  • Gardens
  • Planting areas
  • Rockeries
  • Slate Water Features & Waterfalls
  • Gravel Gardens
  • Patios
  • Ponds
  • Garden high points and hills
  • Borders

What is the difference between a Monolith vs Hollolith?

Slate Monoliths are tall, beautiful garden features with flat bases and feature no externally drilled holes. By contrast, Slate Holloliths start out as monoliths before a large borehole is drilled through the centre to create a striking, stylish garden feature.

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Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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