Drilled Slate Hollolith 900mm (3ft)

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A very large and heavy garden hollolith with beautiful grey tones.

How are slate holloliths made?

We start with a monolith and drill a large borehole through the centre then cut the base flat and drill a water hole from the base to the middle borehole. When connected to a pump the water bubbles out of the hole into the large bore and runs out down the stone.

Where can slate holloliths be used?

This quite unusual yet striking decorative garden stone makes a great centre feature in any size garden. Holloliths can be used just as a dry feature, looking stylish and modern with or without water. This is a heavy item and can weigh up to 250kg.

If you want to choose the exact stone for your project please visit our Bespoke Monolith and Hollolith Range on https://decorativeaggregates.com/category/select-your-own

Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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Drilled Slate Hollolith 900mm (3ft)

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