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Slate Planters

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A stunning alternative to basic planting pots, these lovely natural Welsh Slate Planters are about 300-400mm. They have the texture of a rockery stone and are drilled with a 4" hole which can be filled with a plant (with or without its pot) and create the perfect finishing touch to any landscape design, patio or door display. 

Place the planters on either side of doorways, on the edges of drives or within rockeries - they give a beautiful, natural effect and appear as though the plant is growing from the rock. They can also be used internally within a conservatory, garden room or orangery to create an eye-catching display. 

Slate Planters Delivery

Slate Planters are sold as a pack of 10 in various sizes and are all grey in colour. 

Individual Slate Planters are available in our Pick 'n' Mix category. Here, smaller quantities of many of our decorative aggregate products are also available for you to create your own unique garden or landscape design.


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