Pea Pebble 20-60mm

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Lovely, rounded brown and beige pebbles, the Pea Pebble 20-60mm contains an incredible mix of different colours. 

This Pea Pebble provides a lovely, natural gravel finish, and can also be known as Trent Gravel. The actual size ranges between 20-60mm.

Pea Pebble Uses

Pea Pebble is one of our most competitively priced pebbles, and is used mainly for flower beds, borders, rockeries and ground cover. It is not recommended for driveways or paths, as the rounded pebbles are a little too large.

These garden pebbles are often used to complement rockeries and plant pot tops, so features really stand out. 

They can also be used to create feature areas within the garden or to highlight planting areas. 

Why not mix and match our pebbles with slate monoliths and feature stones, gravels and aggregates or our range of horticultural products?

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Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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