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Pea Gravel 10-20mm

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Bulk Bag (850kg)


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50 Poly Bags (1000kg)


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25 Poly Bags (500kg)


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Pea Gravel is an attractive natural aggregate with chestnut browns and multi-coloured tones and is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful, natural looking feature in any garden area. 

Pea Gravel Sizes

This attractive gravel is a quartz aggregate in a semi rounded shape, ranging from 6-25mm. It’s best laid 4-5cm deep. Pea Gravel is also available in 10-14mm.

Pea Gravel Uses

This is a lovely, natural Pea Gravel, often referred to as Trent Pea Gravel due to its rounded shape. It’s used extensively as a good all round mulch in all landscaping or ground cover applications.

Pea Gravel is great for driveways, paths, patios or landscape areas and beautifully complements water features.

Order a Pea Gravel sample

Here at Decorative Aggregates, we pride ourselves on our happy customers. We strive to only supply the highest quality products to ensure a perfect end product. That’s why we allow you to see its natural beauty for yourself, and order a sample of Pea Gravel before you commit to a purchase.

How much Pea Gravel do I need?

Calculating the amount of Pea Gravel needed for your garden can be difficult, however, at Decorative Aggregates, we have created a handy gravel calculator to do the maths for you!

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This product is also available in a loose tipped load

Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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