Flat Cobbles 60-120mm

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Single Net Bag (20kg)

Single Net Bag (20kg)


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10 Net Bags (200kg)


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25 Net Bags (500kg)


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50 Net Bags (1000kg)


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This product is also available in a loose tipped load (minimum 10 tonne)

Beautifully rounded and flat granite stones, these Flat Cobbles are handpicked from rivers. Smooth to touch, they come in a gorgeous mixture of grey tones. When wet, the colours deepen and showcase each individual unique stone.

Great for both traditional and contemporary designs, flat cobbles add natural elegance to patios and gardens. A fantastic addition to ponds, decoration for flower beds, water features and stylish garden borders.

The Flat Cobbles we provide are fish- and marine-life-friendly if used for ponds. They are an aggregate that is low maintenance and frost-resistant.

Flat Cobbles Specification

Colour: Grey, cream

Size: 60-120mm (as a natural product, some individual flat cobbles will vary in size from stone to stone.)

Shape: Flat, rounded, smooth to touch

Type: Granite

Main Uses: Water features, ponds, garden borders, flower bed decoration

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