Golden Gravels

This fabulous selection of golden gravels means we have the perfect gravel for any situation or garden design. These bright vibrant tones can give any garden an instant lift. 

Golden gravel uses

The 20mm Gold Gravel is perfect for using on a driveway, for groundcover or for mulching. The 10mm is more suitable for pathways and creating a finer finish on borders. 

The Rhinegold Gravel is a beautiful European gravel that is not in regular supply - this makes it a little more special. This gravel is rounded, making it perfect for paths because it is easy to walk on, and also great for ground cover.

Use our Cotswold Golden Path to make a hard wearing, solid surface. This self binding gravel is an ideal product for large, highly trafficked areas.

Rockeries and gold gravel

The appeal with rockeries is the ability to form a feature within the garden where planting can be quite informal. Golden gravel is a beautiful addition to rockeries, allowing plants to develop naturally around the rocks.

Why not add to your order and create a larger garden feature with some Slate Rockery Stone

How much gravel to buy

Calculating an accurate estimate of how much golden gravel you need for a driveway is simple with the Decorative Aggregates gravel calculator. Enter the length and width of the area, along with what gravel depth you need. You can get an estimate right now using our useful gravel calculator

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