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Vegetable Topsoil

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40 Maxi Bags (25 Litre) (1000L)

40 Maxi Bags

1000 litres

25 Maxi Bags (25 Litre) (625L)

25 Maxi Bags

625 litres

Topsoil Bulk Bag (700kg)

Topsoil Bulk Bag (700kg)


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Vegetable Topsoil is a premium blend of natural topsoil specially designed for growing fruit and vegetables and is perfect for raised beds, vegetable patches, borders and allotments. 

Vegetable Topsoil is a rich blend of natural topsoil and organic matter, providing slow releasing major nutrients and trace minerals that will help your garden plants and vegetables thrive. This quality topsoil is higher in organic matter than standard screened topsoil and delivers outstanding growing results.

Soil preparation is vital when growing vegetables - preblended with compost, this high quality topsoil will help you save on digging.

Vegetable Topsoil Benefits:

  •   Natural, fertile, nutrient rich
  •   Blended approx. 50% topsoil to 50% organic compost
  •   PAS100 certified compost
  •   pH 6.5 – 7
  •   10mm screened
  •   100% peat free helping to maintain plants and wildlife habitats that rely on lowland peat bogs
  •   No added chemicals
  •   Available in bulk bags or units of 25 or 40 x 25L poly bags.

Please note that our topsoil and compost is natural and will vary in colour and consistency depending on the greenfield source.

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