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Premium Topsoil

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Topsoil Bulk Bag (700kg)

Topsoil Bulk Bag (700kg)


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Specifically designed for flower beds and borders, our new Premium Topsoil is a natural blend of high quality Kettering Loam and Organic Compost.

Screened to 10mm making it light and friable, Premium Topsoil is used by many landscape gardeners and organic growers and has increased nutrient and organic content over the standard screened topsoil.

Premium Topsoil Benefits:

  • Our topsoil is fully natural, not manufactured
  • Fertile and nutrient rich
  • Blended approx. 60% topsoil and 40% organic compost
  • PAS100 certified compost
  • pH 6.5-7
  • 100% peat free, helping to maintain plants and wildlife habitats that rely on lowland peat bogs
  • No added chemicals
  • Available in bulk bags
  • Ideal for flower beds and borders
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