Gravel Patio Ideas and Guidance

Tuesday 08 November 2022 10:00

Garden patios are wonderful outdoor spaces for relaxing, entertaining friends and eating outside during warm summer months. 

When people think about patios for gardens, usually a plan to have paving slabs or wooden decking is the first idea that springs to mind. These options can be costly, and if you're thinking of having a garden patio for yourself and want something very attractive but hope to stick to a budget, a gorgeous gravel patio could be the perfect solution. 

A Gravel patio is attractive, cost-effective, easy to main, can be created in any garden space and you can lay it yourself! We have put together this blog so that you can consider what gravel you'll need, the colour of the gravel and a few gravel patio ideas for inspiration. 

Choosing the right Gravel for your Patio

The first step when thinking about creating a gravel patio space for your garden is considering which gravel, type and size are available and the best options to do the job. 

For a gravel garden patio, the ideal size of decorative aggregate is around 20mm. This is because if the gravel is too small in size, it can feel like you're beginning to sink into the surface, too large and walking on your new gravel patio may start to be uncomfortable. 

We stock many different types of gravel options from rounded stones such as pea gravel to more angular aggregates like dove grey limestone. As both types of gravel come in 20mm size, the stones will knit together well, providing a good surface. 

The type of gravel that you choose is entirely a personal preference - with so many colours and textures, you can select gravel to complement your garden design or house exterior and you really can let your imagination run free. 

As an alternative to gravel, slate chippings at 20mm in size can also be a flat and comfortable option for a garden patio area. 

 dove grey limestone close up blue slate chippings close up

Different Colours for Your Gravel Patio 

Choosing gravel for a garden patio allows you the opportunity to create an outdoor space that is completely unique and reflects your personality, and you can choose from many different colours of decorative gravel. 

For a natural patio layout and feel many of our customers select the Cotswold buff chippings or Golden gravel

golden gravel close up cotswold buff chipping close up

If you're looking for a light and modern design, Polar White Marble is perfect; alternatively, you could create an equally contemporary but darker look for your patio area by using or Charcoal Granite

Close up of Polar White Gravel  close up of charcoal granite

Homeowners love the versatility and practicality of a gravel patio; whatever style or mood you want to introduce to your garden, you can be sure there is gravel to match. Our advice is to have fun choosing your perfect gravel from the range available - and samples are ready for purchase if you want to compare before you buy! 

Great Gravel Patio Ideas

There is no such thing as a 'standard' garden patio. Every time we see how a customer has used gravel for their garden patio, we are amazed at their creativity. 

Customers have shared many wonderful designs with us over the years and these showcase the many diverse styles and uses a gravel patio can have. 

  • Surrounding the gravel patio with plants and trees creates a natural and Mediterranean look.
  • Placing gorgeous garden furniture on the grave patio, allowing the aggregates and furniture to complement each other. 

gravel pato with garden furniture

  • Creating an outdoor dining or entertainment area. 

gravel patio with dining furniture

  • Water features rockery and pebbles add a relaxing element to the gravel patio.

Gravel patio and water feature

  • Add lighting and or a fire pit as a feature of the gravel patio to hold back the night and enjoy the space in the evening.

Further Information 

At Decorative Aggregates, we supply homeowners with the largest stock of gravels, stones and chippings in the UK, all available with next-day delivery. 

If you're thinking about creating the perfect gravel patio for your garden, then we can be the stepping stone you need to get started. 

Our friendly sales team are on hand to help you with any questions, please call on 01629 630256.

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