Cotswold Buff Chippings 20mm

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A beautiful, angular, cream limestone, Cotswold Buff Chippings 20mm is a classic gravel for driveways and gardens; it settles flat, it’s hard-wearing and gives a bright and professional finish. This gravel is also known as Cotswold Buff Limestone or Cotswold Buff Gravel. The actual size ranges between 14-22mm and it’s an excellent aggregate choice for price and quality.

For a more golden buff colour, try our Cotswold Gold gravel - available in a 14mm, 20mm or 10 to dust self-binding grade. These are all versatile products - the 14mm Cotswold Gold is used for all applications, including pathways, and the 20mm is great for drives and groundcover.

How deep should I lay my 20mm Cotswold Buff Chippings?

For the best coverage, this is best laid at 4-5cm deep.

How do I know how much Cotswold Buff Gravel Chippings to buy?

This is a common question at Decorative Aggregates. Therefore, we’ve put together a handy gravel calculator to work out how much Cotswold Buff chippings you need to buy for your area, avoiding any unnecessary expense.

Simply enter the length, width and depth you need, and we’ll tell you the approximate volume of gravel stone chippings to buy.

What do our customers say?

"I would just like to say that I am very pleased not only with the chippings themselves but also with the way in which the order has been dealt with and delivered so efficiently. Thank you ever so much. I've got a lovely front garden now which attracts many compliments."

Tracey Hills, Chichester.

Not Fish Friendly

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