Cotswold Buff Chippings 20mm

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Our angular, beautiful and cream Cotswold buff stone chippings will bring a natural and bright aesthetic to your garden and outdoor spaces. 

This particular Cotswold stone is 20mm in size and can be laid for many different landscaping uses including garden borders and plant pot dressing. Due to the compact and interlocking properties of Cotswold stone chippings, they make great gravel for driveways and pathways. 

We can supply and next-day deliver Cotswold buff chippings in bulk, multiple maxi bags and single maxi bags. 

If you're looking for a smaller-sized option, our 14mm Cotswold gravel is available. 

Cotswold Stone Buff Chippings 

Colour: Cream 

Shape: Angular 

Size: 20mm (Can range between 14-22mm)

Delivery Options: Bulk bag (800kg), 50 Maxi bags (1000kg), 25 Maxi bags (500kg) and Single Maxi bags (20kg). 

Landscaping Uses: Driveways, pathways, borders, plant pot dressing

Not Fish Friendly
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