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Rose Gold Glass Chippings 10-20mm

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Our beautifully coloured Rose Gold Glass Chippings are made from recycled glass aggregate. This shiny glass gravel is tumbled during production, meaning it comes in a mix of sizes between 10mm and 20mm. Being made from 100% glass, our Rose Gold Chippings will not lose their sparkle or fade.

Use our Rose Gold Glass Gravel to add a burst of colour to your next project. The lovely pink shade looks amazing when used near or in water. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways to add the perfect finishing touch to a design.

Rose Gold Glass Chippings: Uses

Rose Gold Glass Chippings 10-20mm is the perfect addition to potted plants and window boxes or as a vibrant substrate around statues or ornamental garden displays. However, the versatility of glass gravel doesn’t stop there.

Our glass gravel is completely inert, meaning it will not affect the PH level of soil. This makes these chippings ideal for adding a burst of colour to flower beds, borders and patios.

You will instantly notice a change in their vibrancy when these chippings are wet; they sparkle and shine intensely and are a perfect centrepiece or focal point to any garden feature.

Rose Gold Glass Chippings are also a beautiful addition to a precious memorial or loved ones grave, creating  a very personal touch and striking alternative to gravel or slate chippings

Rose Gold Glass Chippings: Size, Shape & Colour

All glass chippings are unique. The glass we use comes from 100% recyclable bottles and jars. It is then melted at an extremely high temperature allowing the addition of the permanent dye to produce specific colours.

Our Rose Gold Glass Chippings are then formed from letting the glass sheet cool before being crushed, tumbled and graded. Tumbling the glass before bagging produces an angular and smooth finish.

We would always recommend wearing safety gloves when handling.

The chippings are sized between 10-20mm giving you a good mix of smaller and larger chippings. We would recommend wearing gloves when handling the glass chippings.

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