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Aquamarine Glass Chippings 10-20mm

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Our bright Aquamarine Glass Chippings are made from 100% recycled glass jars and bottles. They are vibrant and extremely versatile, but the greatest advantage of our glass gravel is that it will not fade or lose colour over time.

Looking for glass gravel to complement top dressings, mulches, potted plants or water features? Our Aquamarine Glass Chippings are perfect for a variety of projects from precious memorials to making a focal point in your garden.

Aquamarine Glass Chippings 10-20mm are created by melting recycled glass at an extremely high temperature. Then the coloured dye is added before each sheet is cooled, crushed, tumbled and bagged ready for delivery to our customers.

Aquamarine Glass Chippings: Uses

Frequently used for adding a pop of colour to resin bonded driveways and making your flowerbeds a feature. The versatility of glass gravel is what makes it a popular choice when wanting to add a focal point in many projects.

As our glass is completely inert and will not alter the PH of soils, it makes for a dazzling addition to any stocked pond or water feature. Like stained glass windows, the colour will never fade.

If you are looking to add that special accent to your new drive away or path, Aquamarine Glass Chippings are often added to resin bonded or concrete then polished off to provide a gorgeous finish.

Aquamarine Glass Chippings: Size, Shape & Colour

Thanks to the process of producing glass chippings, no two pieces are the same. Once we cool and crush the coloured sheets of glass it is then tumbled creating a smooth edged, angular finish. Each piece of glass gravel is sized between 10-20mm.

We would recommend wearing gloves when handling the glass chippings.

The aquamarine-coloured dye we add to the melted recycled glass is beautiful and bright. Used next to water you will see the ripples reflect off the dazzling blue.

Aquamarine Glass Chippings can be used as an accent colour in many designs but they are incredibly beautiful when  placed next to Polar White Marble Gravel, the contrast in colour will create the ultimate talking point of any landscaping project.  

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