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Aquamarine Glass Chippings 10-20mm

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Aquamarine glass chippings are made from 100% recycled glass jars and bottles and these beautiful bright blue coloured glass chippings will not lose colour over time or fade. 

Angular and smooth-edged, aquamarine glass chippings are versatile and excellent for garden decoration. They can be used for plant pot toppings and make a lovely addition to precious graves and memorials. 

The aquamarine blue glass chippings dazzle when wet and are often placed near ponds or water features. The glass used is inert and does not alter the PH of soils when laid.

The bright blue of the glass chippings contrasts brilliantly against other decorative aggregates, especially next to polar white gravel

Glass chippings can enhance driveways and pathways when added to resin bonded or concrete and polished to provide an added sparkle.

Blue Glass Chippings Specification 

Colour: Blue Aquamarine

Size: 10-20mm

Shape: Angular, smooth-edged

Type: Glass

Depth Laid: 3-4cm (Please use gloves when handling and laying down the glass chippings.)

Main Uses: Plant pot topping, mulch, water features, ponds, memorials, grave decoration

For a darker blue option see our cobalt blue glass chippings.

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