Rainbow Cobbles

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This product is also available in a loose tipped load (minimum 10 tonne)

Rainbow Cobbles are stunning and unique as each stone displays a different natural pattern, giving off a rainbow effect. A mixture of amber, terracotta and white coursing throughout the cobbles, this decorative aggregate is made up of sandstone and slightly rough to the touch. 

The marbling pattern that rainbow cobbles have intensifies when wet, making them a great addition to ponds and water features. These brilliant cobbles are fish and marine life friendly. 

Not only will rainbow cobbles add distinct colour and a natural element to a garden but they require next to no maintenance once laid.

We deliver rainbow cobbles in various net bag quantities. 

Rainbow Cobbles Specification

Colour: Red, orange, white, amber, terracotta

Size: 60-120mm (as a natural product, rainbow cobbles may vary in size.)

Type: Sandstone

Main Uses: Water Features, rockeries, borders, ponds

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