Black Cobbles

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50 Net Bags (1000kg)


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Black Cobbles are beautifully rounded granite stones which are smooth to the touch. Adding style to any design, they come in a gorgeous blend of black and charcoal tones. This eye-catching basalt rock is  durable and frost resistant.

When wet, the colour of the Black Cobbles intensifies and darkens. This makes them a perfect addition to wet areas such as ponds, streams and water features.

Black Cobbles are an ideal choice if you are looking for instant beauty and low maintenance.

These large 60-120mm Black Cobbles will create a unique natural border on top of soil with no need for regular cleaning.

Black Cobbles: Uses

Black Cobbles are a fantastic way of introducing an organic and decorative element to any patio or garden and they add instant beauty to flowerbeds, decorative borders and pond edging.

As Black Cobbles are completely fish friendly, they are perfect for use in water features and live ponds.

Black Cobbles: Size, Shape & Colour

These volcanic basalt cobbles are hard wearing and extremely durable. As with all natural materials, the colour tones, size and shape of Black Cobbles will vary from stone to stone and their uniqueness is their beauty.  

You can expect these 60-120mm cobbles to be well-rounded with a smooth finish and predominantly displaying charcoal when dry and shiny jet black tones when wet.

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