Plum Slate Ideas For Your Garden

Monday 01 August 2022 18:55

There are many different decorative aggregates to choose from when deciding your garden design and ideas.

If you're looking for something that's really easy to look after, maintain, and can be used in many different areas, then a beautiful aggregate like plum slate could be just what you're looking for.

Plum Slate Qualities

Plum slate, like all colours of slate comes with many benefits making it an ideal choice for gardening projects.

A real selling point for plum slate is its natural appearance. Whether the material is wet or dry, the plum colour, mixed with intermingled blue and grey, due to the quarried process, give it a unique look and identity.

It is easy to lay and can be done so by anyone! Our guide to everything slate chippings will help.

Plum slate is a hard and durable material, in harsh weather conditions, it is rarely affected.

Compared to other ground covering options, plum slate is extremely low-maintenance and helps prevent weed growth from appearing once laid down, with the addition of a weed membrane underneath.

The plum slate that we offer is a by-product from roofing tiles and dimensional slate productions. It is recycled from these processes as it was once seen as a waste material.

Plum Slate Garden Ideas

With all the positive advantages that the gorgeous plum slate posesses, it is no surprise that the aggregate can be utilised in multiple different ways to bring your garden and outdoor space ideas to life.


Due to its flat nature, plum slate is a great looking material for garden pathways.

If a garden path is in your plans, we recommend using the 20mm plum slate chippings for the ideal size to lay. It is very easy to walk on and its angular shape won't cause the aggregate to shift under foot.

Mulch and Borders

Plum slate chippings or mini mulch are a great option for areas of your garden that house plants or for the topping of plant pots.

Not only do they bring an attractive feature but plum slate has its practical uses as a mulch.

Using slate as a mulch helps regulate soil temperature throughout the seasons, allowing the soil to be cool in the summer but warmer in the winter.

If you have plants in your garden that enjoy acidic soil, then plum slate will be an ideal choice for mulching.

plum slate mini mulch used in garden setting

Water Features

The beautiful deep and rich colours of plum slate really come to life when wet.

For this reason, utilising the plum aggregate whether chippings or a monolith to create or complement a water feature in your garden will look fantastic.

Slate is a fish and marine friendly material, so using it for the surrounding areas of ponds is a possibility.

plum slate monolith carved out and created into water feature

Paving Decoration

Another great use for plum slate is enhancing paving slabs in the back or front garden of a home.

Its versatile look will complement both traditional paving options and more modern and contemporary styles.

plum slate chippings used around traditional coloured paving slabs to enhance and complement each other in a back garden

Plum Slate Availability 

At Decorative Aggregates we offer various sizes and shapes from Plum Slate Chippings, Mini Mulch, Paddlestones, Monoliths and Rockery.

Our team are always available to support and help our customers make the best choice for their gardening projects, so if you need any help give us call today on 01629 630256.

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