Mulching with Gravel

Friday 16 October 2015 22:45

Mulching is the process of layering soil and flowerbeds with materials, such as gravel. It has multiple benefits, including retaining moisture, discourage unwanted weeds and improves soil quality. The mulching process can be done with many different materials including bark chippings, but gravel is arguably the most visually pleasing and long wearing option.

Our Favourite Mulching Gravels:

Pea Gravel is the most commonly used for mulching. The quartz gravel has a rounded edge and is relatively inexpensive, it has beautiful natural chestnut tones which mean it fits with any garden colour scheme.

Barleycorn is our newest quartz gravel imported from Europe. Its semi-rounded edges make it perfect for mulching, and its yellow and golden tones make it perfect for a really eye-catching decorative mulch.

Our range of slates will add colour to your garden instantly. The ever popular decorative slate comes in graphite grey, blue, plum and green, in 20mm or 40mm. It is perfect for mulching as it the size range means it packs together well.

Our Expert Mulching Tip:

Prepare your area. Pull weeds, enrich soil and lay down your landscaping fabric. For a bio-degradable underlay, newspapers and cardboard are effective.

If you have a well-drained site, put around 3-4 inches of mulch. In case of drainage problems, a thin layer should be enough. Do not place the mulch closer to the tree trunk. Instead place it out of the tree’s drip line or beyond

It is important to sufficiently nourish and water your plants before mulching. 

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