Quartz Gravel

A quartz aggregate is a semi-rounded shaped gravel, ranging from 6-25mm. This is best laid 4-5cm deep.

Quartz gravel uses

Our quartz gravel is a popular aggregate for driveways, paths, landscape designs and ground cover.

Quartz gravel colours and styles

The subtle pink, lilac and brown tones of our Cheshire Pink Gravel gives any garden a natural, beautiful look, which looks beautiful on paths, borders and for ground cover.

Our Pea Gravel, also known as ‘Trent Pea Gravel’ due to its rounded shape, has a natural appearance and is very popular for decoration and driveways. It’s often used extensively as an effective all-round mulch in landscaping or ground cover applications.

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What to lay under gravel

Gravel is low maintenance, after a small amount of preparation.

To prevent weeds from sprouting through the gravel you lay, simply put down a weed prevention membrane underneath. This means water can also drain away from the gravelled surface.

Place this on smooth, compacted ground. The membrane can easily be cut to fit the shape and size of your area.

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