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Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery 150-450mm

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Sourced from Wales, our stylish multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery features a beautiful hand selected range of plum, green and blue rustic slabs.  

Longer than normal rockery pieces, these slate slabs look particularly impressive in any horizontal display and they can be used in a variety of ways including walling, rockeries and raised beds. They also add instant impact to any outdoor space by being stood upright and their elongated shape is ideal for creating monolith displays. But there is no limit to how they can be used – we have seen them create beautiful mini benches and even a mini Stonehenge!

Multicoloured Rustic Slate Rockery will be delivered to you in a crate of approximately 50-75 pieces, sized from 150-450mm. Sizes and colours are mixed in order to help create a lovely natural feature. 

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