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Rubber Chippings

Decorative Aggregates now offer a solution for playground and landscaping with completely recycled rubber chippings. 

Rather than burning tyres or throwing them in landfill, we can produce rubber chippings that are treated and coloured to produce the ideal ground cover for landscaping, gardens, equestrian arenas and children’s play areas.  

Rubber Chippings are not only fantastic for the environment, with no ecologically hazardous components, but they’re also highly durable. 

Less maintenance... more fun! Being made of rubber means the chippings don’t absorb water, won’t freeze and they dry out quickly.

Rubber Chippings Benefits

A product developed in the UK using 100% recycled materials, this innovative ground cover will last for years, avoiding the cost and trouble of annual replacement. Rubber chippings are popular due to their significant benefits:

Rubber Chippings won’t rot, blow away or decompose 

Rubber Chippings are environmentally-friendly

Rubber Chippings brighten up dull outdoor areas

Rubber Chippings are low maintenance - no mowing, weeding or watering

Rubber Chippings dry quickly

Rubber Chippings are durable and long-lasting

How many bags of rubber chippings do I need?

Their depth depends on the height of the equipment. Our recommended fall heights are are:

Up to 1.4 metres high: 50mm deep

Up to 1.9 metre high: 100mm deep

Over to 1.9 metres high: 200mm deep

However, always lay deeper if in doubt. Rest assured, our rubber chippings meet BSEN 1177-1998 guidelines for impact absorption.

Landscape coverage is approx 25kgs per square metre, based on a 40mm to 50mm depth.

Rubber goes much further than gravels and aggregates. So much so, it can work out cheaper to use. Generally you will need 1/3 to 1/4 of the weight of rubber for the same area of gravel. 

Colours and styles

Rubber chippings are now made with a new colouring process using polyurethane resin colouring, giving them a much brighter, deeper colour than previous water based colourants.

Our rubber chippings are available in a wide range of stunning colours; black, terracotta red, brown, green, blue, plum. You can even create a blend and order different colours to mix together. Mixing and matching creates a really unique look to play areas.

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