Summer's Here

Thursday 02 April 2015 20:30

Summer's Here!!

Now's the time to start getting the garden ready for summer. So if you are planning a full garden makeover or just wanting to brighten areas up after Winter, we can help with our range of gravels, cobbles and slates

Brighten up your borders..

Not only will a covering of gravel add colour to your garden, it will serve as a practical garden mulch to help retain the moisture in the soil when those long hot summer days arrive (fingers crossed). Slate chippings can provide the perfect canvass for highlighting plants and shrubs. 

Low Maintainence.

If you struggle to find the time to get out in the garden, then go for a low maintenance style. Using a gravel or slate as a base on which you can then put pots and planters is the perfect way of making sure you have more time to spend enjoying your garden from your deck chair.

Choose the right gravel by deciding if you are going to have to walk on it or if its purely for decorative purposes. This will help you decide which aggregate is right for you. All our products say which applications they are suitable for using as a driveway, path, or groundcover. 

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