Justine’s Japanese Garden

Tuesday 22 March 2022 11:10

Justine's Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are tranquil spaces and for centuries have been created to replicate natural landscapes.

After being inspired by the beautiful outdoor architecture of Japan following her trips to the country, Justine transformed her garden into a breath-taking miniature landscape featuring traditional Japanese ornaments, plants, a bamboo water feature, trees and a creative use of decorative gravel and slate chippings.

 Justine's Japanese Garden

An eye-catching river of different coloured slate chippings flows through the centre of her garden which is bordered by Silver Blue Granite Gravel spread throughout the landscape.

Silver Blue is a beautiful decorative gravel with dark flecks which sparkles in the sun and is often used by our customers to create peaceful Japanese inspired garden spaces as well as driveways, paths and decorative borders.

In Justine’s new garden, the light, bright colour creates a wonderful eye-catching ground cover that highlights the individual planting and ornaments beautifully.

Justine's Japanese Garden 

To draw focus to the centre of the garden, Justine added a bright red Japanese inspired bridge along her slate river.

To add interest, Justine created a feature using a stylish Slate Monolith. She decorated the Monolith feature with smaller Slate Rockery at the base to give the feature structure and form.

Justine was thrilled with the finished result: “I have a real love for Japan and miss it when I can’t be there, so I wanted to try and recreate a garden to help me feel more connected.”

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