Decorative Glass

Monday 15 January 2018 00:00

Time to try something different?

You can brighten up the garden with our fantastic range of Glass Chippings.

The glass is heated until molten and then a colour pigment is added. It is then left to cool down and crushed into glass aggregate. Glass chippings are often used for mulches in planting schemes and many other uses. They are also very effective when used in water feature designs and fish tanks.


These glass chippings can compliment any landscape design and make for a great focal point in the garden. They are very striking when used with contrasting colours; especially white, to create a modern, contemporary finish.

The main misconception with glass chippings is that they are a sharp aggregate that you cannot walk on but this is untrue. The glass chippings are tumbled therefore meaning that the product has no sharp edges and this for a great material to be walked on and used anywhere in the garden.

We sell the glass in 20kg Bags at £40 per bag inc vat and delivery and we deliver direct to your own front door.

We stock the glass in sizes 10-14mm which is great for garden use or even indoors around your house plants or in your fish tank. it really brightens areas and creates a great focal and talking point.

The colours Stock are:


Please find the link to the glass and pictures below

To order please give us a call on 01629 630256

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