Gravel Ideas for Your Front Garden

Tuesday 07 February 2023 14:30

Gravel gardens are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and landscapers. The one area that has seen gravel being utilised across the UK the most is the front garden of properties and homes. 

At Decorative Aggregates, we have been sent various different images of our gravel and aggregates being used by our customers for their front gardens. In this blog, we look at the different options available for front garden decor and hope to provide inspiration to you, who may be thinking of creating one for your home. 

Benefits of a Gravel Front Garden

Firstly, it is important to consider the benefits that gravel will bring to the front garden of your home. 

  • Design Capabilities - The various different options of gravel available gives homeowners the creative freedom to make their front garden as unique as they wish. From various different shapes, colours and types of gravel, stones and chippings, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Affordable - Gravel is a much cheaper option than turning or seeding your front garden, even for filling certain areas, gravel is much more affordable and easier to install and maintain.

  • Low Maintenance - Not only is gravel easy to maintain and clean. It will also help suppress weeds from growing in the areas where you choose to lay down your decorative aggregates.

Best Gravel Options & Ideas for Front Gardens 

As mentioned above, the variety of gravel and aggregates for homeowners and landscapers for front garden projects is endless. 

The best option will be specific to each person and preference. However, it is recommended that when choosing, you should think about which gravel may best complement your home or property.

Brighten Front Gardens with Gravel

Lighter-coloured gravels such as Polar WhiteCotswold Buff or Dove Grey help brighten the exterior of a home and other front garden features that may be on show such as ornaments, plants, flowers or a pathway!

Image showcasing polar white gravel, cotswold buff gravel and dove grey gravel for front garden designs

Slate Front Gardens 

Slate chippings are a super versatile aggregate that like gravel can really enhance a front garden! 

Whether you're looking for the wow factor that plum slate can provide or a more toned-down traditional approach with graphite grey or blue slate, all slate chippings look fantastic and really showcase their rich colours when wet.

Plum, Graphite Grey & Blue Slate chippings used for front garden designs

Pebbles and Cobbles for Your Front Garden

Pebbles and cobbles are amazing for front gardens, there are multiple colour options to choose from and due to their size and shape, they are really showstopping and add a traditional texture to the look and feel of a home.

Some of our great customers have utilised both Polar White Pebbles and Scottish Cobbles for their front garden designs & stunning borders!

Polar white pebbles and scottish cobbles used for front garden borders and ground covering

Adding Colour to Your Front Garden

If the more traditional colours of gravel aren't providing inspiration, then our beautiful red and green granite gravels might! We have begun to see customers utilise these coloured gravels more for the front of their homes to produce an eye-catching design.

Adding colour to front gardens with red and green granite chippings used in these images for borders, driveways and ground covering.

Gravel Front Garden FAQs 

How much gravel will I need for my front garden? 

Getting the right amount of gravel for your front garden will all depend on the size and dimensions of the area you want to lay. Luckily, we have an easy-to-use gravel calculator that will help you work out exactly how much you need! 

Can I lay down the gravel myself? 

Yes! Laying down gravel, when following the right steps can be done by anyone, regardless of landscaping experience, for more information on this visit our dedicated how to lay a gravel garden blog!

How deep should the gravel be laid?

This all depends on the size of the gravel that you choose! We recommend that for a 10mm aggregate, lay it at a depth of 30-40mm. For a 20mm aggregate, lay it at 40-50mm. If you decide on slate chippings for your front garden, lay this at a depth between 50-60mm.

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