Polar White Pebbles

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White Spanish marble pebbles tumbled to produce a lovely unique and distinctive product. These beautiful Polar White Pebbles are smooth, rounded and bright, with the occasional hints of cream running through them.

Polar White Pebble uses

These pebbles can be used for a variety of purposes. They provide a high contrast look to make any features really stand out. These white stones will go with any arrangement, especially slate, or darker aggregates such as red or black. Some example uses are borders and edging, rockeries, plant pot tops, water features, and mulch.

Polar White Pebble sizes

As these pebbles are natural, this may result in slight variations in formation, shape, and size. The actual size ranges between 20-50mm, in fact, the white stones are similar in size to small plums.

White pebbles in rockeries and water features

Using pebbles around the edge of a pond or in the water feature can be used to highlight its natural beauty. 

White pebbles are also a stunning addition to rockeries, allowing plants to develop naturally around the rocks.

Take a look at our ‘Create Rockeries’ section and ‘Create Water Features’ page for inspiration and more ways to transform your garden with rockery stones. 

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Not Fish Friendly

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