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Plum Slate Chippings 40mm

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Plum Slate Chippings 40mm is our best selling larger sized plum slate. It’s especially good for garden paths, rockeries, edging, borders and ground cover. 

This stunning slate may have a few blue and grey pieces intermingled, and it provides a natural, open-textured finish. 

Alternatively, try our competitively priced Graphite Grey Slate, our best selling 40mm slate chipping.

Plum Slate 40mm provides a lovely rugged texture when packed down firmly. As it's a natural product, the colour can vary from blue-grey to purple and plum, however, this variation is what makes this slate unique. The actual size ranges from 15-50mm.

20mm Plum Slate is available if you want a finer smoother finish. Or if you require even larger 50-100mm pieces, you could try our Slate Paddlestones.

Slate Chippings are sourced naturally from the quarry, and in some instances, the product may require a simple rinse with water to remove natural dust and ensure the slate’s natural colour is enjoyed.

How deep should you lay 40mm plum slate chippings? 

Plum Slate 40mm is best laid 5-6cm deep. 

What do you need to lay under plum slate chippings?

You need to create a sturdy base before you add slate chippings. Line your trench with 10cm of crushed stone to create this. Compact this with a sledgehammer or place compactor (these can often be hired from a hardware store).

What else can you use plum slate chippings for? 

Plum slate chippings look stunning and add that extra wow factor to a rockery or water feature. Check out our inspiration pages for more detail. 

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Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds

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