Garden Ideas with Pebbles

Friday 02 September 2022 17:10

Pebbles are a fantastic addition to any garden and add eye-catching texture and colour to any design.

Visually brilliant, pebbles are also incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways. Our customers often share examples of their finished gardens with us and we have selected some of the wonderful ways they have chosen to include pebbles in their designs to hopefully help inspire and guide you.  

Pebble Ideas for Your Garden

Use Pebbles to mark out different areas 

Pebbles can be used to create an attractive separation between different landscaping materials. In this example, paving slabs have been used as a pathway in the garden and the polar white pebbles are placed uniformly alongside and within stone slabs to highlight the grey stone colour and contrast beautifully with the vibrant green grass, creating a clean, modern finish.

white pebbles laid between grey paving slabs

Pebbles and Water Features

Pebbles are often used near water and are stunning when placed alongside ponds or water features. Their colour deepens and becomes rich when wet and the  Scottish Pebbles and Pea Pebbles shown in this example alongside the cascading water features show how striking they can be when wet. The mixed selection of greys, browns, beiges and pink stones are naturally placed at the base and work well with the natural wood and potted acer to create a soft, traditional design.

pebbles laid underneath water features

Pebbles within Rockeries

Rockeries are becoming more and more popular in garden spaces and landscaping designs. Pebbles are a great way to fill in the spaces between the larger rock feature stones and create a natural effect and this example shows how, with the charming statue, they help form a  focal point within a garden area.

Scottish pebbles laid around rockery garden feature

Ponds and Pebble Surrounds

Water and pebbles are a match made in heaven and the placement of pebbles in or around a pond works exceptionally well.

Pea Pebbles that are used in the garden below are fish friendly and with the natural planting, they help create a natural aesthetic and an area to help wildlife shelter or emerge from the pond water.

Pea Pebbles laid in and around the pond in a garden

Pebbles as Garden Borders

One of the most common and popular uses of pebbles is using the aggregate as a decorative garden border. All sizes and colours of pebbles are great for this use, but white pebbles or even white cobbles really add that wow factor.

White pebbles used for garden border around planting areas

Pebbles within Planting Areas

Pebbles are a great way to help shrubbery, plants and flowers stand out in a garden and they add a real contrast of texture and colour to the planting.  Any type of pebble can be used for planting areas. Our customer below chose pea pebbles to enhance the greenery and complement the property's brickwork.

pea pebbles laid around shrubs and plants of front garden

Further Pebble Information 

At Decorative Aggregates, we have vast experience and can help you decide on how they can be used and what quantity you need. If you're still unsure of which pebble is the perfect aggregate for your garden, then you can order one of our samples first to help you decide.

If you require any help, our friendly team is on hand to help on 01629 630256.

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