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Snowdonia Tumbled Slate 20-40mm

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Snowdonia Tumbled Slate is a unique mix of the best in Welsh slate. It’s made by taking equal amounts of blue, plum and green paddlestones and mixing them together whilst they tumble slowly to round off all the edges and surfaces; this produces a stunning, smooth pebble-like slate aggregate. 

Each piece is like a skimming stone or water-worn pebble, giving both a beautiful texture and striking colour. When wet, the slate chippings are transformed into something unique and special.

As a natural product, the Snowdonia tumbled slate may come with a dust residue, we recommend rinsing the aggregate with water to make the most of the product's mixture of colours.

The actual size ranges from 10-50mm.

Snowdonia Tumbled Slate Uses

Snowdonia Tumbled Slate is used mainly for planting areas and paths, but around water features, ponds or streams, in particular, water brings out a beautiful mix of colours.

They are very flat, so they’re easy to walk on and must for any garden design. 

Snowdonia Tumbled Slate is best laid at 4-5cm deep, however, it looks great on the top of a plant pot or tub. 

To create additional interest and highlights in your garden, mix them with pieces of slate rockery or boulders.

Fish FriendlyThis product can be used with garden fish ponds
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