White Stone Landscaping Ideas

Wednesday 07 December 2022 12:45

White garden stones and gravel are incredibly popular with homeowners for their own gardens and landscapers for gardening projects and outdoor design. 

White gravel chippings and stones can provide a garden and outdoor space with a modern, bright and unique look. Adding white stones can help enhance other features of a garden from plants and flowers to furniture and outhouses. White stones used at the front of a property can also add that wow factor to a home's exterior!

At Decorative Aggregates, we want to provide our customers with all the information they need regarding white stones for the garden! In this blog, we will go through the different types of white stone and give ideas on how to use them and how to keep them glistening all of the time. 

Types of White Stones for Landscaping

We stock various different types of white stones that are beautiful, and impactful and can be used for many plans and garden designs. 

Polar White Marble Gravel 

Our polar white marble gravel range comes in both 10mm and 20mm sizes. Bright and imported from Spain, polar white gravel provides a sharp contrast to other elements of outdoor spaces. 

The white gravel that we have available is a popular choice for decorative ground cover and pathways. 

Polar White Pebbles

A very popular white stone, polar white pebbles are stunning and really glisten in the sunlight. These white pebbles are naturally tumbled and smooth, creating a round shape that is beautiful to look at. 

Polar White Pebbles can be used for a variety of uses and garden designs from borders and edging to complementing water features and plants. 

Polar White Cobbles 

Just as bright and vibrant as the pebbles but larger! Polar White Cobbles are great for rockeries and enhancing shrubbery, plants and flowers that are in a garden.

These white cobbles vary in size but range from 40mm-80mm. 

Great Landscaping Ideas with White Stones 

What makes white garden stones, whatever the size or shape, such a popular choice with homeowners and landscapers is the various different ways they can be used in a garden or outdoor space. 

Whether you want the white stones to be the eye-catching centrepiece of the garden or lay them so they accentuate other features, the design possibilities are truly endless. 

Below we have showcased some of the ways that our customers have used our white stones for their gardens! 

White Gravel Borders and Edging 

White Gravel Garden Border White Gravel Edging in Garden

White Gravel Patio and Steps 

White Gravel Patio and Steps

White Pebble Front Garden 

White Pebble Front Garden

White Cobble Plant Pot Tops 

White Cobbles for Plant Pot Tops

White Cobble Planting

All White Stone Gravel Garden

All White Gravel Garden

White Pebble Planting Decoration

White Pebble Planting Decor

White Gravel Ground Cover

White Gravel Ground Cover

Maintaining and Cleaning White Stones 

White garden stones are a great choice for those who want to add a wow factor to their garden projects! 

However, it is worth noting that lighter-coloured gravel stones for gardens like white gravel, pebbles and cobbles are more likely to lose their brightness due to dirt being more visible. Luckily, we know just how to clean them and it is super simple! 

If you have a high-pressure hose available, use this on your white stones to bring back their gorgeous striking aesthetic. If dirt is still visible after a wash with a hose, you can also brush the white aggregates lightly with soapy water. 

Vinegar can also be used as a good DIY remedy for restoring white garden stones back to their natural colour. 

For further information about cleaning and maintaining garden gravel, you can visit our full garden stone maintenance guide. 

More Information 

We hope this blog about white landscaping stone ideas has helped inspire and provided useful information for your future garden plans! 

At Decorative Aggregates, we are one of the largest stockists of white gravel, pebbles and cobbles in the UK and can supply all of our white aggregates in various different delivery options to suit your specific requirements and with next-day delivery available! 

If you have any additional questions about our white garden stones then please call our sales team today on 01629 630256.

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